Who we are

WE ARE: employee benefits consultants, brokers, advisors, strategists, thinkers, doers, makers and shakers.

WE HAVE: decades of benefits experience, competitive drive, diverse backgrounds, open minds, big hearts, and big goals.

WE DO: work hard, expect results, challenge the status quo, believe in what’s right, have fun along the way. 

Our Mantra: Rethink Benefits

  • How can we reduce costs?
  • How can we enhance benefits?
  • How can we make benefits easier? 
  • How can we keep employees engaged?

You provide employee benefits for a reason. That’s a big investment. Lets maximize your outcomes. Lets talk about what drives your decisions and where you want to be in the future.

The right benefits strategies will reduce expenses, provide cost transparency, and increase control. The result is better benefits and happier employees for the long haul.

Check out what are clients are saying:

“We have worked with 360 Benefits for several years and thanks to their help and guidance we continue to offer our employees a top notch selection of affordable health coverage, particularly in these changing times and when so many companies have reduced coverage.”


“We have been able to keep our costs in check while maintaining highly competitive benefit levels. Our administrative workload has been reduced, and the additional services and resources provide more value to our employees.”


“When it comes down to it, it is all about customer service. What is most important to me is that when I need something, they are always right there.”


“Providing our employees rich benefits is very important, but so is working within our tight budget. Working with 360 Benefits, we have been able to do both year after year!”


"The expertise gained with our relationship with 360 Benefits has afforded us the opportunity to offer new and innovative ways to provide top-tier benefits at reasonable costs to both the employee and organization."


"The people at 360 Benefits are truly experts in their field and their level of support is outstanding. Partnering with 360 Benefits has brought many positive changes to our benefits program, and 360 Benefits has had our back every step of the way."


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